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Please when adding Wiki pages, Add content to the pages and do not just make pages with links to other pages for the content. Also just Usable information is needed. The history of a command and notes about the guy who invented it is not helpful. We are making this for helpful reference. I very well could Delete empty pages if they sit in here for very long mainly because empty pages are misleading.. and not useful. Thank your for anyone that is helping to add to this project. biggrin

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Networking Tool kit

Wireshark for Win 32bit
http://wiresharkdownloads.riverbed.com/wireshark/win32/wireshark-win32-1.6.4.exe(external link)

Wireshark for Win64bit
http://wiresharkdownloads.riverbed.com/wireshark/win64/wireshark-win64-1.6.4.exe(external link)

NMap Port scanner WINDOWS
http://nmap.org/dist/nmap-5.51-setup.exe(external link)

NMap for Debian Linux
sudo apt-get install nmap

http://sectools.org/(external link)